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124Jul. 24, 2018TuesdayWOSA LC Championshipsnm124.jpginline
125Jul. 24, 2018TuesdaySummer Ontario Provincialsnm125.jpginline
123May. 31, 2018ThursdaySarnia Repids Win Big at Hollandianm123.jpginline
122May. 10, 2018ThursdayRapids Compete in London at the Pentathlon Meetnm122.jpginline
121Feb. 26, 2018MondayLeamingtonnm121.jpginline
120Feb. 25, 2018SundayRapids Compete at WOSA SC Championshipsnm120.jpginline
119Feb. 17, 2018SaturdayRapids 1 Compete at WOSA Championship Meetnm119.jpginline
116Feb. 05, 2018MondaySwimmers Shine at the 12 & Under Celebration Meet12& Under Meet116.jpginline
118Feb. 05, 2018MondayRelay Team Takes Goldnm118.jpginline
117Feb. 05, 2018MondaySarnia Rapids Swimmers Compete at the 2018 MAC Invitationalnm117.jpginline
115Jan. 25, 2018ThursdaySEAL MeetSEAL Meet115.jpginline
114Jan. 06, 2018SaturdayThree Swimmers Earn Top SpotsThree Swimmers Earn Top Spots114.jpginline
113Dec. 14, 2017ThursdayNothers Fall InvitationalNothers Fall Invitational113none
112Nov. 14, 2017TuesdaySEAL November 5On November 5, 2017, the Sarnia Rapids 1 Swim Team competed in Windsor at the second St. Clair Erie Aquatic League (SEAL) meet of the season. Twenty eight swimmers gave their best efforts to try to top their past performances.112.jpginline
110Jul. 01, 2017SaturdayRapids Swimmers Finish Season StrongRapids Swimmers Finish Season Strong110.jpginline
111Jul. 01, 2017SaturdayRapids Earn Gold at Age Group International MeetRapids Earn Gold111none
107May. 28, 2017SundayRapids Kick off the LC Season StrongPentathlon Meet London107.jpginline
108May. 28, 2017SundayRapids Bring Home GoldRapids Bring Home Gold108.jpginline
109May. 28, 2017SundaySarnia Rapids Compete at Eastern Swimming ChampionshipsNM109.jpginline
105Apr. 11, 2017TuesdaySarnia Rapids Produce Provincial ChampionSarnia Rapids Produce Provincial Champion105.jpginline
106Apr. 11, 2017TuesdayRapids Finish Strong at WOSA Championship MeetRapids Finish Strong at WOSA Championship Meet106.jpginline
101Feb. 16, 2017ThursdayLeamingtonLeamington101.jpginline
102Feb. 16, 2017ThursdayMAC InvitationalMAC Invitational102.jpginline
104Feb. 16, 2017Thursday12 & Unders Win Gold in London12& Under Celebration Meet104.jpginline
98Jan. 31, 2017TuesdayChatham Swim MeetChatham Swim Meet98.jpginline
99Jan. 31, 2017TuesdayRapids ; 12&Under CelebrationRapids 1 12 & Under Celebration99.jpginline
100Jan. 31, 2017TuesdayDash for CashDash for Cash100.jpginline
96Jan. 03, 2017TuesdayTeam Work Succeeds for Sarnia Y RapidsTeam Work Succeeds for Sarnia Y Rapids96.jpginline
97Jan. 03, 2017TuesdayPage and deGuzman With First Place SweepsPage and deGuzman With First Place Sweeps97.jpginline
95Dec. 08, 2016ThursdaySarnia Rapids Start Season off StrongSarnia Rapids Start Season off Strong95.jpginline
89Jul. 14, 2016ThursdayEtobicoke A/B MeetEtobicoke A/B Meet89none
90Jul. 14, 2016ThursdayLC PentathlonLC Pentathlon90.jpginline
91Jul. 14, 2016ThursdayTeam ChampionshipsTeam championships91.jpginline
92Jul. 14, 2016ThursdayHollandiaHollandia92.jpginline
93Jul. 14, 2016ThursdaySC Regional ChampsSc champs93.jpginline
94Jul. 14, 2016ThursdayLC Spring ProvincialsLC Spring Provincials94.jpginline
88Jun. 07, 2016Tuesday12 & Under Celebration12 & Under Celebration88.jpginline
87May. 20, 2016FridaySwimmers Close Season with a SplashSwimmers Close Season with a Splash87.jpginline
86Jan. 27, 2016WednesdayPage Completes Near Sweep at Swim MeetPage Completes Near Sweep at Swim Meet86.JPGinline
82Jan. 11, 2016MondaySarnia Rapids Start Season off StongCyps Article82none
83Jan. 11, 2016Monday2015 Nothers Fall InvitationalNothers Article83.JPGinline
84Jan. 11, 2016MondayBorder City InvitationalBorder City Article84.JPGinline
85Jan. 11, 2016MondaySC Winter Provincial ChampsWinter Provincial SC85.JPGinline
81Dec. 21, 2015MondayEight Sarnia Y Rapids Swimmers Take First PlaceEight Sarnia Y Rapids Swimmers Take First Place81.pnginline
80Nov. 25, 2015WednesdaySarnia Y Rapids Rack Up Ribbons at Recent MeetSarnia Y Rapids Rack Up Ribbons at Recent Meet80.jpginline
79Nov. 02, 2015MondaySwim Season Begins for Sarnia Y RapidsSwim Season Begins for Sarnia Y Rapids79.JPGinline
78May. 20, 2015WednesdayRapids 2: Hollandia Spring Invitational Meet Yields Top FinishersHollandia Spring Invitational78.jpginline
77May. 19, 2015TuesdayRapids Swimmers Finish Strong SeasonWindsor Swim Champs77.JPGinline
75Apr. 29, 2015WednesdayArmstrong Sweeps at Aylmer Swim MeetAlymer Swim Meet75.JPGinline
76Apr. 29, 2015WednesdaySarnia Rapids: Pentathlon ProudLondon Pentathalon76.jpginline
73Mar. 14, 2015SaturdaySuccess for Rapids 2 SwimmersShort Course Sting Meet73.jpginline
74Mar. 14, 2015SaturdaySwimming for ResultsWOSA Short Course Regional Championship74.jpginline
71Feb. 10, 2015TuesdayRapids 2 Gets ResultsROW Winter Invitational71.JPGinline
72Feb. 10, 2015TuesdayImpressive Results for Rapids !12 & Under Celebration72.jpginline
69Jan. 20, 2015TuesdayRapids Finish Swimmingly at Windsor, London MeetsWindsor January 11th, 201569.jpginline
68Dec. 18, 2014ThursdayBanner Meet for Rapids SwimmersLeamington December 7, 201468.JPGinline
70Nov. 21, 2014FridayImpressive Results for Sarnia Rapids SwimmersMothers Invitational70.jpginline
66Nov. 09, 2014SundayStrong performances in LeamingtonLeamington66.JPGinline
65Jun. 05, 2014ThursdayLondon Hosts Pentathlon MeetLondon Hosts Pentathlon Meet65.JPGinline
64May. 07, 2014WednesdayMarut Earns Trophy at Swim ChampsMarut Earns Trophy at Swim Champs64.jpginline
61Apr. 25, 2014Friday2014 Winter Festival61.JPGinline
62Apr. 25, 2014Friday2014 SC Provincials62.JPGinline
63Apr. 25, 2014FridayEastern Championships63.jpginline
60Apr. 22, 2014TuesdayRapids Swimmers Make Waves at Windsor Meet60.JPGinline
58Mar. 28, 2014FridayRHAC Winter Invitational58none
59Mar. 28, 2014FridaySC Regional Champs59.JPGinline
57Feb. 20, 2014ThursdayRapids Swimmers In Their Depth at Recent Meet57.jpginline
56Feb. 11, 2014Tuesday12&Under Celebration Meet56.jpginline
55Jan. 24, 2014FridayDivision 3 Team Championships55.jpginline
52Jan. 21, 2014TuesdayBiggar, Rawson Dominate Age Group at Swim Meet52.JPGinline
53Jan. 21, 2014TuesdaySWA Kinsment Spring Meet53.jpginline
54Jan. 21, 2014TuesdayNothers Fall Invitational54.jpginline
51Dec. 16, 2013MondayRapids Swimmer Host Swim MeetRapids Swimmer Host Swim Meet51.JPGinline
50Dec. 05, 2013ThursdayLeamington Swim MeetRapids Swimmer Brown Sinks Competition50.JPGinline
49Oct. 26, 2013SaturdayAylmer Swim Meet 2013Rapids Swimmer Brown Sinks Competition49.JPGinline
25Dec. 12, 2011MondayLondon 2011 - Nothers InvitationalRapids 2 swimmers qualify for Canadian Age Group Championships25.jpginline
2Oct. 28, 2010ThursdayHalloween PartyHalloween Party2none
1Jan. 14, 2010ThursdayKristy's cornerJanuary News1none
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